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am and what cannot eat together

With what can深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网not yam eat together? Although say what can match with yam to feed material to have a lot of, but a problem that do not take care or can produce food photograph to overcome, so with what cannot yam eat together? What is the optimal partner with yam? Look together!

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1How does yam eat ability nutrition

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks yam " filling empty lack, increase effort, be good at taste, strong kidney shade " effect.

Expert introduction, the effect with the biggest yam is to be able to adjust alvine path, it contains solubility fiber and many bacterium group, have the aperient effect that discharge poison. Because its are adipose,mix caloric content is low, be opposite consequently reduce weight, strong and handsome have certain effect.

How does yam eat more nutrition? It is avoid is eaten raw. Fashionable of southern n深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ot little place eats yam raw. Yam starch content is much, it is more difficult to if eating raw, be digested, had better thoroughly cook eat. High temperature heats to still can make solubility fiber easy digest, make its candy chain shortens, add yam sweet taste. 2 it is avoid sheet eats. Other corn edibles ought to cooperate when eating yam. If sheet eats, because protein content is inferior, can bring about nutrition to absorb disequilibrium. So, traditional cut yam agglomerate, boiling congee together with rice is more scientific actually.

Eat much meeting exhaust is many people to yam " stay at a respectful distance from sb " reason. The yam that eats 200 grams left and right sides every time won't have exhaust awkwardness commonly. With rice, face tie-in move eats, match with pickles or drink order dishes Shang Ye can avoid. Compare with the photograph of white flesh, the nutrient value of red flesh is higher. When buying yam, should choose red flesh, color is deeper, this kind of yam contains richer carotene.

Yam leaf is the tender leaf of top of bine of the fry on the ground after yam is mature. Asian vegetable research center already labelled yam leaf breed of tall nutrition vegetable, call its " vegetable empress " . Be in in recent years Japan, Euramerican wait for country and area to lift " yam page is hot " .

Of yam leaf eat a law to basically have two kinds: The first kind is to choose fresh and tender Xie Jian, iron with boiled water ripe hind, deserve to wait for condim深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ent with juice of oil of balm, soy, vinegar, chili, ginger, make food of cold and dressed with sause, the exterior is pale green, make person appetite opens; greatly the 2nd kind is dish, hollow like naked oats same Qing Dynasty is frying the vegetable such as dish to eat, faint scent pleasant is sweet, have a distinctive flavour. She is conjectural, yam leaf was not come out by development in our country, the idea of likelihood and people and saved technical level are concerned. Be in abroad, it is to use freeze-dry technology commonly, and this meeting raises vegetable cost.

2Yam and what cannot eat together

1 river crab / crab / sea crab. Yam and this two kinds of food eat to bring about stone easily together.

Flesh of 2 chicken breast / bavin chicken / gallinaceous wing / egg. Yam and gallinaceous brisket eat together, cause abdominal pain easily.

3 banana. Yam and banana eat together can cause the body unwell.

4 persimmon. Yam and persimmon eat to pose abdominal distension problem easily together.

5 tomato. Yam and tomato eat to get stone easily not only together, still can cause problem of vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea.

3Why to say to eat yam to reduce weight

Someone says yam has been compared to reducing weight, can eat the meat of go to live in深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网 the household of one's in-laws on getting married to the delicious body that can decrease again already, it is a lot of people most wanted method. Understand according to me, red yam tastes very sweet, not be the thing with big cent saying candy, gain flesh very easily? Why to say to eat yam to reduce weight?

As we have learned, the place in the yam of 100g is contained adipose have 0.2g only, it is the 1/4 of rice, yam is a kind of low quantity of heat, low adipose food. Still having is red contain balanced nutrient nutrition part, especially inside contains cellulose has very good effect to alvine path peristalsis. Eat yam to reduce weight to agree with quite student, use with the person that go to work, the Europe this world that wants to reduce weight can use this method to apply. Cook below, can alternate taste will decrease.

Material: Yam 1 jin, rice half jins, green bits 2 spoon, saline 1/2 big spoon. Oily 1 spoon

Practice: Yam is abluent, cut agglomerate account, drop does moisture. Oil is added in arenaceous boiler road, haing yam is put in boiler to break up fry to sweet join salt, the water with proper rejoin,[……]