The nutrient value of the potato of dietary contraindication _ of aubergine of _ of measure of practice of the aubergine potato that stew and effect

ubergine stews 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网potato practice measure

What bring to everybody today is two kinds Lenten kind tie-in, that is aubergine and potato, these two kinds feed capable person is the vegetable with particularly rich nutrition, its flavour also has distinguishing feature each. Collocation is stewed together after making, little taste is mutual and shirt-sleeve, mouthfeel is very soft also glutinous, the green cate that is on domestic table one rare, everybody mights as well try.

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1Does aubergine stew potato pregnant woman to be able to eat

Aubergine and potato are the good friend of pregnant woman. They contain rich nutrition, the female friend appetite during and aubergine is stewed potato can make be pregnant soars. But, also someone says aubergine stews potato pregnant woman to cannot eat more.

So actually, does aubergine stew potato pregnant woman to you can eat? The expert thinks, pregnant woman needs compensatory nutrition, the aubergine potato that stew is OK and proper edible, but what still should notice dietary nutrition is balanced, as far as possible all sorts of nourishing food are right amount edible a bit.

The nutrient value of the aubergine potato that stew is visible:

1, violet skin aubergine: Aubergine is the purple vegetable with not much amount to, rich vitamin E and vitamin P are contained in its violet skin, this is other and vegetable place of too far behind to catch up with. The vitamin C in aubergine and black careless glucoside, have the P of effect; vitamin that reduces cholesterol but bate is imperceptible and hemal, prevent small hemal haemorrhage, wait for a patient to hypertensive, arteriosclerosis all beneficial. In addition, the B that aubergine place contains a group of things with common features the vitamin is right dysmenorrhoea, chronic gastritis have effect of certain and auxiliary therapy.

2, tomato patch: It is the food that contains a variety of protein, amylaceous, vitamins and microel深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ement tomato patch. It is dyspeptic to assisting cure, chronic constipation, chronic the disease such as eczema of gastralgia, articulatory ache, skin has favorable effect, it also is the high grade health food of stomach trouble and heart disease patient. In addition, still can fall tomato patch candy falls fat, hairdressing, fight consenescence to wait.

2Aubergine stews potato practice measure

The aubergine potato that stew is dish of a very common the daily life of a family, each have his way, commonner have the following kinds:

Practice one:

Feed material preparation: Potato, pork, green Chinese onion, ginger, dry chili, caraway, dressing

The measure that make:

1, potato flay abluent hob piece, in bubble clear water.

2, aubergine abluent, break reserve.

3, pork section, dry chili cuts paragraphs small, green ginger changes a knife to reserve.

4, a few oil are put in boiler, fry into lean lean stir-fry before stewing.

5, cutlet is fried sweet hind join green, ginger, dry chili.

6, pink of a few Chinese prickly ash explode sweet.

7, enter aubergine, fry slowly with small fire.

8, fry aubergine to squashy hind add potato to continue to fry 2 minutes again, enter soy subsequently.

9, in boiler Li Jiaqing water has done not have potato and aubergine.

10, small fire, the boiler on the lid is built 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网stew potato and aubergine to rot fully, join flavoring to be able to give boiler.

Practice 2:

Feed material preparation: Essence of any of several hot spice plants of aubergine, potato, colour, chopped green onion, lardy, salt, chicken, soup-stock 400 milliliter.

The measure that make:

1, Xiaoding is cut after colour any

of several hot spice plants is abluent, the flay after potato, aubergine is abluent, cut agglomerate, green cuts a flower.

2, enter in boiler lardy, into chopped green onion stir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell after oily heat, put be buried beans, aubergine piece to break up again fry, enter soup-stock next, conflagration boils 30 minutes.

3, boil potato, aubergine colour any of several hot spice plants is joined after rotting, salt and gallinaceous essence are added to flavor after frying divide evenly can.

Practice 3:

Feed material preparati深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网on: Aubergine, potato, green chili, chili, dressing

The measure that make:

1, potato flay section, aubergine section, green, chili cuts man, green cuts a flower, garlic cuts small.

2, heat a little into soya-bean oil in past boiler, a fragrance is fried into stir-fry before stewing of chopped green onion after oily heat, join potato, aubergine, soy, break up fry about 10 minutes. . . .

3The nutrient value of potato and effect

  1. Fall candy falls fat, hairdressing is raised colour

Can furnish tomato patch the mucus egg white that human body has special protection effect in great quantities. Can close to those who hold enteron, res[……]