The advantage _ that eats Huang Qiukui eats Qiu Kui the meeting is fat can be _ Qiu Kui eaten raw

ake Huang Qiukui's advantage

The market that the m深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ain reason that average person does not grow Qiu Kui is Qiu Kui is not too good, because Qiu Kui does not have what nutrition,this is not or Qiu Kui to advantage of human body it doesn't matter, actually apropos and contrary, the nutrient value of abelmosk is higher still, and the pharmacodynamics effect that Qiu Kui still has one share. Below for the effect that says Qiu Kui and action.

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1Can be abelmosk eaten raw

Abelmosk can be eaten raw. Because Qiu Kui is tenderer, its flesh qualitative softness, smell is sweet, distinct fragrance is convex now fragile tender juicily fruity mouthfeel, eat mouthfeel raw very pure and fresh also. Can become gradually after abelmosk to nibble Gan Tian, stiff those who slip is mucous as chew every time plentiful in the mouth, mouthfeel is more pure and fresh than eating cucumber, towel gourd to wait.

Abelmosk is eaten raw very convenient, need clarity only clean, fling dry moisture content, can en深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ter the mouth, compensatory nutrition needs in journey, the Qiu Kui on the belt is right, should take only last bag or last the box seals nice area to be in in baggage, when to want to eat to be able to be taken wash wash can take food. If be the word that takes common maize abelmosk, proposal choice is clear the fresh Qiu Kui with less nap of tender, surface.

2Take Huang Qiukui's advantage

  1. Aid digestion, protect intestines and stomach

The adhesive of abelmosk is qualitative, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, be beneficial to aid digestion, beneficial intestines and stomach.

  1. Platoon poison falls hematic fat

The solubility cellulose of 50% is contained in the agglutinant material of abelmosk, advantageous and aperient, platoon is poisonous, disease of path of bowel of prevention and cure, still can reduce serum cholesterol effectively, prevent cardiovascular disease.

  1. Beautiful skin

Abelmosk still contains rich vitamin C and solubility fiber, have sanitarian effect to the skin not only, and can make skin beauty white, delicate.

  1. Protection is hepatic

Fluid of a kind of stickiness is contained to reach Arabia to get together character in abelmosk深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网 tender fruit candy, half breast gets together candy, buckthorn gets together candy, protein, often edible side aid digestion, enhance liver of physical strength, protection, be good at stomach to rectify bowel.

  1. Filling calcium

Abelmosk contains calcic quantity and bright grandma to comparative not only, and calcic absorptivity is in 50 -- 60% , prep above milk 1 times, to the child in vegetarian and development, it is very good calcic qualitative origin.

  1. Reduce weight

Abelmosk is low energy food, it is Qiu Kui of very good; of food reducing weight yellow ketone content is 2.8% , have fight oxidation, defend anile action, still can prevent and cure diabetic.

  1. Filling kidney

Abelmosk is had enhance the body endurance, action that fights filling empty of exhaustion and strong kidney, it is vegetable of a kind of appropriate nutrient health care, enjoy " plant Wei elder brother " beautiful praise. A lot of countries regard the cordial of male Zhuang Yang as his, of filling empty of old person strong kidney " medicines and chemical reagents " . To black prime of life and athlete character, abe深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网lmosk can eliminate fatigue, rapid refection.

3Lift the nutrient value with secret real abelmosk

The nutrient value of abelmosk depends on " mucous "

Abelmosk is distinguished at other vegetable idiosyncratic, depend on greatly mouthfeel of its special sticky be bored with. Abelmosk is cut paragraph when, can have mucus. Some are factitious of dish beautiful, can fry mucus scour off again beforehand, actually, the biggest characteristic of abelmosk is this mucous, it is a kind of material that is called polysaccharide actually, this kind of material has wide for acceptance name -- prandial fiber.

Expert introduction, abelmosk quantity of heat is inferior, it still has cellulose of a lot of dissolubility, can promote digest and gastric bowel path wriggles, prevent cholesterol to absorb, because this has,fall the action with aperient fat, the meeting after eating has full abdomen feeling, can serve as reduce weight period food. But because have full stomach easily,feeling, some old people because edible is many,Qiu Kui brings about indigestion thereby.

The expert expresses, for the angle from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, abelmosk belongs to cold sex food. It is OK that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks benefit pharynx, drench, next breast and regulate the menstrual function. Drench to guttural gall, pee postpartum and acerbity, galactic the patient that exiguou