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Sauce explodes a lot of people like aubergine that exquisite mouthfeel, so you know sauce explodes what does the practice of aubergine have, below small make up tell everybody sauce explodes the practice of the daily life of a family of aubergine, together come to what how aubergine does to see sauce explode.

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1Sauce explodes aubergine

Sauce explodes the practice encyclopedia of aubergine

Advocate makings

A sweet sauce made of fermented flour of tender lima-bean of purple and long and thin tender aubergine, refined salt, white sugar, gallinaceous essence, green ginger end, mashed garlic, cooking wine.


1, go to aubergine the base of a深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网 fruit is abluent, cut about 1 centimeter to roll bit thickly, lima-bean is abluent.

2, sit boiler ignition puts a few water, enter lima-bean, refined salt, the fire that use flourishing thoroughlies cook fish out.

3, sit boiler burns heat to pour oil, put green ginger end, mashed garlic, st114夜网论坛ir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell, put eggplant again piece stir-fry before stewing is fried to wine of the feed in raw material when brown yellow, eggplant piece poke, make the put apart in boiler interstitial, put a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, crunch of the shovel that use a hand fries divide evenly, put agitate of essence of lima-bean, white sugar, chicken, refined salt again even, make sauce wraps divide evenly eggplant piece become namely.

Sauce explodes ground meat aubergine


Strip aubergine 3, steaky pork 1 small, red any of several hot spice plants half, sauce of especially hot soya bean one big spoon, jiang Mo, garlic powder, chopped green onion, salt, gallinaceous essence, candy is some more, unripe smoke, pepper, give birth to pink.


1, steaky pork cuts flay chop to become broken man, transfer into salt, gallinaceous essence, pepper, a few unripe pink and little water catch divide evenly souse to reserve hob piece is cut to be put in water to immerse 5 minutes after; aubergine is abluent stand-by section of; red any of several hot spice plants, ginger garlic cuts end, green cuts chopped green onion.

2, some of oil is put to burn heat more in boiler (insert a chopstick to have small blister) hind the aubergin深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网e conflagration blast of devoted drop dry moisture a little while, scamper becomes transparent to aubergine molten, skin tightens up fish out to reserve.

3, after little bottom oil staying to burn heat in boiler, explode powder of sweet ginger garlic and sauce of soya bean of 1 big spoon, put red any of several hot spice plants and ground meat to break up next fry (can add a few water the wet) that feed capable person.

4, the aubergine with put bomb good then breaks up together fry, transfer into the salt of little, right amount unripe smoke, some more candy and right amount water break up fry even hind, transfer into the gallinaceous pink of little is aspersed again on chopped green onion gives boiler can.

Eggplant of Bao juice sauce


Abalone juice, aubergine, salt, ginger, green, garlic, cooking wine, oily, sesame oil.


1, bleb is used after aub

ergine washs clean stripping and slicing half hour airing reserves, ginger garlic green is mincing reserve.

2, aubergine procrastinates to be scooped with hot oil.

3, ginger garlic explodes balm boiler, next aubergine and 1 teaspoon cooking wine explode after frying moment, add right amount water, juice of abalone of 2 big teaspoon and right amount saline chicken essence and a few are saccharic break up fry even hind stew of lid of boiler of lid of make down fire boils 10-15 minute need midway to break up fry 1-2 second avoid to touch boiler.

4, wait for aubergine stew to boil tasty, juice closes quickly dry, scatter sesame oil and chopped green onion to break up fry a few times can.

2The nutrient value of aubergine

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bitter cold of aubergine sex flavour, have深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网 medicinal powder hematic Yu, detumescence stops ache, remedial chills and fever, dispel the wind is connected subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy and hemostatic wait for effect,

Analytic discovery, aubergine contains a variety of vitamins, adipose, protein, candy to reach mineral etc, it is a kind of cheap and fine beautiful greens. Especially aubergine contains a lot ofvitamin P, the content in 100 grams violet eggplant is as high as 720 milligram above, it is not only in vegetable outstanding, it is general fruit also too far behind to catch up with. Vitamin P can enhance the adhesion strength between human body cell, improve imperceptible and hemal brittleness, prevent small hemal haemorrhage.

In addition, the curb horn glucoside that contains in aubergine fiber, have the effect that reduces chol[……]