How to have ability how does the _ of thin body congee with won't fat the most effective _ have ability " eat not fat "

How to have ability深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网 won't fat

Eat originally and not fat the thing that is a pair of mutual contradiction, but this kind of contradiction cannot not mediate, want a your department only manage is very both the adj relation between, master scientific method, plus a few effort of oneself, it is OK on due process implementation eats not fat of this one purpose. How to eat ability not fat? I think is each love to eat not to want to if fat person place cares, be inscribed again already.

Catalog6 kinds of the most popular fast cookbook reducing weightThe life reduces weight 10 times medium little skillThe most effective thin body congeeHow to have ability " eat not fat "The choice of external u深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网se medicine reducing weight uses general knowledge

16 kinds of the most popular fast cookbook reducing weight

NO.1(egg milk + the fruit is maigre beauty law)

1, breakfast a boiled eggs, a cup of milk, half apple or a few potatoes + ham + salad sauce

2, Chinese meal a bowl of meal + dish

3, dinner ate at 7 o'clock, as about the same as Chinese meal, but eat only 7 to 8 minutes full can, and passed after cannot have pron any thing again at 9 o'clock, but fruit except

4, but at a cup of fruit juice is drunk before sleeping (can squeeze lemon juice + water + 2 smoked plum) (flavour beautiful, be sure to keep in mind not to add candy)

5, cooperate moderate campaign

Breast of NO.2(actor cheese reduces weight law of thin body dietotherapy)

1, get up after: Two cups of water

2, breakfast: Vegetable juice 200cc

3, Chinese meal: Actor cheese breeds 500 grams

4, dinner: Vegetable juice 200cc

5, before go to bed: 1-2 cup water

NO.3(apple eat)

1, breakfast: A bottle of milk (or do not add candy coffee) + a white coddle (or tea egg)

2, apple: From midday 12:00 begin, till,every 2 hours eat an apple in the evening 8: 00 altogether 5, eat to eat malic eat to eat one day no longer enough

Bread of NO.4(whole wheat + defatted milk is Western-style law reducing weight)

1, early: Bake whole wheat to say department one, boiled eggs, defatted milk a cup, tea a cup (be good at happy coke Yi Ke)

2, in: Defatted milk a cup, fish of the water Wei that boil (the Yi Ke of pigeon breast flesh that waits for 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网a quantity) water boils green vegetables, fruit (Ba is happy or) of apple, tomato, tea a cup (be good at happy coke Yi Ke)

3, late: Him menu of dinner is allocated, but prohibit edible is amylaceous kind with the flesh kind

Carry out 5 days normally but thin 6 kilograms, but should drink water 2500-3000cc at least everyday.

NO.5(honey law reducing weight)

1, the first day: Drink honey only (but make tea is drunk)

2, three days the 2nd: Normal food (but cannot belly-worship)

3, the 4th day: Drink honey only

4, the 56th day: Normal food

Come down one week normally but thin 3-4 kilogram, if be overcome really,break it is OK to feed with choose feed to drink honey only everyday

Law of post of drink of NO.6(Chinese traditional medicine reducing weight)

1, definitely pine torch 2 2, fry hawkthorn 3 money, dried tangerine or orange peel 2 money, licorice 2.

2, boil after with 6 bowls of water, turn again small fire boils three minutes, come out immediately, lest medical juice is sucked by dregs of a decoction smooth.

3, take one note everyday, if have diarrhoea state, OK and tertian take.

When taking this dose, need to eat sweet food less, fry and starch / before sleeping 4 hours abstinence / when fall to ideal weight after, should shut simmer in water only definitely pine torch and barley tea, can maintain namely not get fat.

2The life reduces weight 10 times medium little skill

  1. Eat rich breakfast

Thinking not to have brea深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网kfast to be able to reduce weight is absurd notion, the breakfast that abounds suddenly can make you daylong mental hundredfold. Do not have a meal a long time, can use up your muscle only and not be adipose, and not steady diet is used to a meeting generation to be able to transform adipose calorie, still can make you all day befuddled.

  1. Eat fiber food more

No matter solubility fiber or blame water-solubility fiber conduce to,reduce weight. The calorie that place of blame water-solubility fiber contains is lower. Contain a lot offood of blame water-solubility fibrous to include fiber of bread of tall fiber corn, whole wheat, wheat bran and fruit and vegetable; dissolubility to be helpful for making human body holds the position of full abdomen more for long. Contain a lot ofsolubility fibrous food to include strawberry, apple, pear, cornmeal and legume to wait.

  1. Enjoy each food slowly

To nibble slow pharynx is a fair maiden not merely is indicative, it is a little secret really, every 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网eat to chew 20 times readily, can experience eating pleasure better.

  1. Without candy chewing gum

What think with people place is different, the chewing gum that do not have candy won't stimulate your appetite. In fact, chew the chewing gum that do not have candy to prevent you effectively to put tall caloric food into the mouth. Accordingly, personage reducing weight should remember[……]