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How is dried meat fish done delicious

Fish of Jiang Si dried 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网meat, the dried meat fish that oneself fumes, sweet, free from contamination. Cured meat of a few dried meat fish should be fumed every year after wintry section, as the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day in entertain a guest dish. In the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day delicate too fat, small fry dried meat fish, bacon is appetizing good go with rice.

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1How is dried meat fish done delicious

Feed capable person Advocate 400g of fish of makings dried meat

Complementary makings is oily

Right amount salt

Right amount ginger

Right amount green pepper

Right amount gourmet powder

Right amount unripe smoke right amount


  1. Dried meat fish, green pepper, ginger,
  2. Stripping and slicing of dried meat fish, ginger cuts into shreds, green pepper cuts into shreds,
  3. Burn oil to cross oil into dried meat fish,
  4. Put into Jiang Si, green pepper silk,
  5. In green pepper, salt is added to fry divide evenly on Jiang Si,
  6. Mix again fry,
  7. Add little clear water to be burned again, transfer into unripe smoke,
  8. Before giving boiler, scatter on gourmet powder is become namely.

2Dried meat fish machines craft

Bloat dried meat fish is with the delicacy after butcher the fish is raw material, join the dressing such as salt and sweet laborious makings, nature of the classics after souse or wor深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网k to make and be become artificially, it is one of food of preservation of treatment of traditional aquatic product, its nutrition is rich, the expiration period is long, have a variety of distinctive local color. Because bloat,dried meat fish makes the diversity of means, only our country bloats with respect to what have of all kinds norms dried meat fish is amounted to 100 a variety of, basically come from area of and other places of Fujian, Hainan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hubei.

Bloat the machines much to be a tradition souse craft of dried meat fish, its souse method basically includes dry-salt law, wet bloat law and mixture souse law, souse time arrives for a few hours two months. Bloat to reduce the quantity containing salt of dried meat fish, shorten souse time, improve its mouthfeel, personal development goes a few new souse methods, like: ? Friendly boudoir reins tastes ǎ  allow to fry fact of scull of  of Jiao of  of Chi of hair on the neck of a pig to be Jiao  reins to taste  of ǎ  frowsty Lu like that  ?KCI, mgC12 and CaC12) part replace the souse method of NaCI, oily dip bloats dried meat fish and deepfry kipper goods.

Bloating in the traditional and dry method of dried meat fish, sunlight doing is made and heating up airing to make is the mainest and most dry method of economy. Solar and dry method is put in wholesome condition to differ, unpredictability is big with the malpractice; such as successional difference of production hot airing dry grows as a result of dry time, dry temperature is high, can reduce bloat quality of product of dried meat fish (answer ability in swimming is craze of low, case hardening, excessive the) such as systole and color change. For the maintenance

of the can oldest rate the put in order with original material changes character, dry quality is good, dry techno深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网logy mixes vacuum of vacuum freeze-dry technology, microwave refrigerant in applying aquatic product to machine with technology of microwave vacuum combined drying. Additional, extrahigh voltage technology also applied low salt pH indicator to bloat in preservation of product of dried meat fish.

Dried meat fish

Because different area is natural what condition and food are used to is different, bloat the manufacturing technology of dried meat fish also

Somewhat difference, its gust is different also,

Accordingly, treatment condition can be affected bloat the character of dried meat fish. Souse condition and dry condition to bloating the character of dried meat fish has apparent effect, low salt and high temperature environment can be promoted enzymatic with microbial action, accelerate thereby bloat character of dried meat fish changes

. Bloat to rise the mouthfeel of dried meat fish, gust and character, personal application goes to a few new processing technique bloat in the production of product深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网s of dried meat fish. High pressure is helpful for restraining bloat the microbial growth in dried meat fish and adipose oxidation, bloat through what extrahigh voltage handles the character of product of dried meat fish is stabler.

3Dried meat fish endangers factor nitrite

Dried meat fish - harm factor nitrite

Nitrite serves as a kind of additive agent for food to have positive effect to improving the quality of fleshy products, but use meeting causes excess nitrite is toxic. Below microbial action, nitrite can change synthetic strong carcinogenic substance in the stom[……]