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Bloat skill of acerbity turnip method

Appetizing dish has a v深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网ariety of, the acerbity turnip of souse is of a lot of people love most. Actually, the turnip of general souse, although unapt insipid, but from delicate a lot of poorer still. In daily life, can taste the souse acerbity turnip with good savor, majority is to should be in of restaurant. So, like the friend of acerbity turnip, occasionally can " hope the turnip is promoted sigh " . Actually, bloat the turnip also is not an intricate work, it is a lot of people do not understand skill only.

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1Bloat skill of acerbity turnip method

1, red turnip cuts agglomerate account or strip, hob, piece shape is OK, come according to individual be fond of.

2, red turnip need not husk, such tasting mouthfeel is very strong path.

3, choose bowl of glass, pottery and porcelain to come as far as possible bubble is made, cannot use plastic the container that pledges with metallic ability.

4, bloat the sweet-and-sour scale in the water of the turnip is 2: 1, also can allocate according to oneself be fond of.

5, bloat the water of the turnip also can use boiled water, but vinegar should need water lukewarm a bit cool hind put again.

Raw material:

Acerbity turnip half 250 grams, Bailuo predicts 50 grams, duck 100 grams, green 3 paragraphs, ginger 6, co深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网oking wine 15ml, white sugar 10 grams of 15 grams, Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, salt a few


1, cut after the duck is abluent agglomerate, bai Luobo cuts ring finger length paragraph. If acerbity turnip is saltier if, use lukewarm bath to reserve;

2, clear water is added in the stockpot, put duck, onion paragraph, ginger 2, enter cooking wine, surface can have done not have duck flesh can. Heat water with conflagration, after foam of exterior occurrence float, duck flesh fish out, rinse clean; repeatedly with clear water

3, the duck flesh that scald has ironed is put into arenaceous boiler, add clear water again, water quantity has done not have duck flesh about 4 centimeters of place, burn soup juice; with conflagration

4, put the rest Jiang Pian next, put acerbity turnip, change say small fire is built stew about 40 minutes slowly, till duck flesh crisp sodden;

5, put Bai Luobo finally, join white sugar, continue to boil to the turnip squashy can, bai Hu any of several 深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网hot spice plants, salt is joined according to taste before edible can. Do not have distinguishing feature. Be in West Hunan, the minority area such as Home Zhang group, want to have the place that the crowd comes and go only, with respect to the structure of an organization that can have turnip selling acid. Person of Ho

me Zhang group no matter the men and women is old young, no matter bookman farmer, like Taoist sacrificial ceremony to wear bright red hot pepper juice eats bloat acerbity turnip piece, acerbity turnip straightens.

Bloat the method that turnip bubble formulates is very much, each have unique skill refus to be passed nothing more than oneself, have in well-done acid sweet, sweet in the belt is sweet, plus the piquancy of chili, this kind of flavour can sample only, hard explain in words. Flavour bloats best acerbity turnip booth should be to be at the door Wen Changge elementary school, phoenix has a classical word is " of Wen Changge bloat turnip, think with respect to running water " .

2The turnip eats much meeting how

1, Bai Luobo: Fart

After eating a turnip, many people can have the case of fart, this is qigong effect of the turnip. Be enraged below even if make gastric bowel the gas inside from anal eduction, because bilge,can alleviate so the abdomen that gas c深圳夜生活论坛ustment to heart activity action,深圳品茶网auses bilges etc unwell. To constipation person might as well also eat Bai Luobo more.

Amylase of Bo Jicheng cent and lignin meet Bailuo scanty manage bowel is angry, eat meeting fart raw so, and have special bad smell, common says " turnip fart " . So abdominal distension, constipation, cough yellow phlegmy often can eat a turnip. Eat " accumulate sluggish " person, normally expression is illogical for abdominal distension, defecate, fart is smellier (majority is carnivorous eats too much) etc, should eat a turnip a few times, in order to help aid digestion.

2, carrot: Skin hair is yellow

Carrot although nutrition is rich, often can absorb, nevertheless some people eat carrot for a long time in great quantities, the phenomenon that meeting occurrence skin becomes yellow, the natural pigment place that contains because of carrot place causes this, this kind of symptom is called " carotene blood disease " .

Carotene blood disease listens going up is a very terrible name, but do not worry, the refreshment of this kind of symptom is a benign process, should stop to absorb only have a large number of β the food of carotene (carrot, pumpkin, yam) 2 arrive to be met 6 weeks proper motion subsidi[……]